Uber Eats Launches Uber Eats For Business


Uber Eats which is a subsidiary of cab-hailing company Uber is making a massive expansion with the launch of Uber Eats for Business which is a service designed to enable employers to manage the food orders of their employees. This new service posits Uber Eats in a position where it can effectively compete with competition that has gained a stronger foothold because of early entry on the enterprise space.

Uber for Business is a service which allows companies to manage and pay for the rides of its employees integrates the new Uber Eats For Business. The integration brings companies a service that provides various functions which include the ability to set meal programs that would allow employees order food at given times and at specific locations (places like the office), the ability for employees to order meal while on work-related travel and also a monthly spending bill.

The new service according to Uber is also a way for the company to win over new markets and users as the company says the 40 percent of new Uber Eat users are also new to Uber. The company has set its sights on expanding its food delivery coverage to 70 percent of the United States. If their goals are achieved, this will place Uber Eat above major competitor PostMates which had spoken earlier in the month about having coverage of 60 percent of households in the US.

Many Food Delivery companies have been plagued with the arduous task of fending off competition while maintaining high operating costs and working off low-profit margins and as a result Enterprise accounts have been looked like a way to make headway by many. A lot of the companies which have been unable to secure adequate Enterprise accounts have been shut down.

We are yet to see how Uber Eats for Business would fare and just how soon they would meet their goals, but you can trust us to report every bit as it develops.

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