Uber Launches A New Service “UberHIRE” In India

Uber Launches A New Service "UberHIRE" In India 1

Uber just introduced a new service branch to its tree, calls it the UberHIRE. UberHIRE enables users to hire cars in India, however in a more different way. One unique thing about the UberHIRE service is that hired cars are staffed with a driver who handles multiple journeys.

UberHIRE India will in its first stage start off in eight cities – New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vizag and Nagpur with more cities slated for launch in the weeks to come, Uber said. The US-based cab company also explained that the ‘UberHire’ service comes in response to several requests from Uber users. Users who desired to keep their Uber driver for a particular day of a drive.

Personally, I think I understand the reason behind the clamour for a hire service for these customers. It could be completely tiring, I know, to keep on ordering different Ubers for the multiple places you have to be some days. Meetings, client meet-ups, shopping, or even to pick up your kid from school on your way from work. You sure don’t wanna be jumping from one Uber cab to another. I for one wouldn’t.

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Uber is, however, cognizant of the reality that multiple Ubers equal multiplied stress and in response, UberHIRE was birthed. So basically, in place of booking multiple Ubers, you can retain the same car and driver and in the end, pay for the whole trip. However, with UberHIRE, users can hold their Uber cab for a maximum period of 12 hours.

And just so you know, pricing is a function of both “distance and duration,”, just similar to the regular Uber. Secondly, fares or drive fees can only be settled in cash, at least for now and the minimum fare ranges from Rs 449 ($6.70) for up to 2 hours or up to 30 km. Afterwards, charges will be at Rs 2 ($0.0298) per minute and Rs 12 per km.

Speaking on the new initiative, Uber India head of engineering Apurva Dalal said;

“Our technology makes it possible for us to create specific solutions that can help users have access to reliable transportation at affordable prices. UberHIRE is one such product that addresses the unique commuting needs of riders in India, especially that of tourists, business travellers, senior citizens, and working professionals,”

The cab hire service can be safely said to be a new concept for Uber — it doesn’t  offer such service anywhere else on the planet. But it isn’t a new sight for India and Indians as, Ola, the local rival to Uber and operates in over 200 cities, offers multi-trip rentals launched sometime last summer.

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