Uber Lite App Download For Android iOS Latest Version
Uber Lite App Download For Android iOS Latest Version

Uber Lite App – It is a stripped version of the original Uber app that we can use to book Cab fast. Booking a Cab from the Uber app sometimes becomes harder because of the low Internet connectivity. Like we don’t get the full tower or network strength everywhere, in that case, Uber Lite App can do the magic. However, it is not just a lite version of the Uber app but its features also require fewer resources to function. Its developer has given special attention to make the app work faster without consuming high resources on the phone.

It is why the Uber company suggests using the lighter version when you are traveling. Because during traveling, we don’t get strong WiFi support or stable Internet network strength. Also, a lot of features have been cut in this lite version but you will get enough facility to book a Cab easily. And the best part of the Uber lite App is it provides the same performance even if your Internet connection is low.

Well, in this article, we will provide you with the Uber Lite App Download link and also guide you with the necessary steps to get started. Now, without any delay, let’s get started!

Uber Lite App Overview

It is a ridesharing app that is super lightweight, only requires 5Mb storage space or the size of 5 photos. As we said, booking a Cab sometimes becomes a headache when the network connectivity is spotty, but this lighter version requires less data to work. After a lot of experiments, the Uber company has declared that it can now work even when the internet connection is not stable. A lot of elements from the app have been removed to make it lite as possible and that’s the reason it consumes less data when you use it.

Well, the app still functions well and you will get all the necessary features & tools. It still shows the accurate traffic and calculates the price efficiently as the original app. Coming to its features, it contains some in-app safety features i.e. share your trip status with others. Also, you will get options to select the best ride as per your budget, and you will be able to pay your way (Cash, Online). Uber has taken care of everything to make sure it provides all the important facilities through the Uber Lite app.

Moreover, just like the original Uber app, you will be able to track your driver and see all the information about him, Like Driver’s name, picture, contact information, vehicle details, and arrival time to your pickup location. And once your trip gets over, the app also asks for feedback and delivers attracting notes for a good day. Overall, it is a fantastic ridesharing app that can provide you all the prominent features to give you quick cab booking & ride experience.

Download Uber Lite App for Android & iOS

Download Uber Lite App

Whether you are using Android or iOS, you will just require 5 MB to download the app on your phone. As a lightweight app, it will also consume little space, not more than 20 MB, even if you extensively use it. Well, here, we are going to provide you the Uber Lite app direct download link for Android and iOS. Using the link, you will be able to download the app easily and without any hassle. And we want to clear that the app is virus-free, we have downloaded from the original source and made it sharable so we can share it with everyone.

Before we share the download link, let us show you the important details of the Uber Lite App. Make sure you read them.

File Information:

  • Name: Uber Lite
  • APK Size: 5 Mb
  • Version: 1.81.10001
  • Publisher: Uber Technologies, Inc.
  • Type: Maps & Navigation
  • Android Requires: 4.4 and Up
  • Last Updated: 22 December 2019

You can use the above information to verify the file once you receive the download request. It will assure you that you are downloading the right file. Now, follow the link below to download Uber Lite App.



How To Download Uber Lite App on Your Phone?

If you are confused and don’t know how to download this app on your phone, then you can follow the steps below. The steps are the same for Android & iOS.
  1. Click here or on the above link to visit the Download page for downloading the Uber Lite Mobile app.
  2. Click on the Download button to request the App file.
  3. After a few seconds, the Mediafire server will automatically send the file to your browser.
  4. In case if the server doesn’t send the file, you will get a short link on the page to right away start downloading.
  5. Once you receive the download request, verify it first by using the above file information and then accept the request.
  6. After that, wait till it gets completely downloaded on your phone.

Make sure you close immediately if any sponsored link gets opened when you click on the download button on the Mediafire page. So, now you have got the Uber Lite app, let me help you install it on your phone manually.

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How to Install Uber Lite App & Get Started with it?

Install Uber Lite

As you have downloaded it from a third-party website, you will need to install it manually on your phone. If you have downloaded the app for iOS, then you will need to follow a different guide to install the app on iOS manually. For Android users, you can follow the steps below to install Uber Lite App. We have also provided steps to get started, so make sure you also follow that if you are going to use it for the first time.

  1. Go to your phone settings.
  2. Click on Security>Unknown Resources and then enable it.
  3. Now, open the file explorer and go to the download folder of your browser.
  4. Search and tap on the Uber lite app to open the installer.
  5. Press on the Install button.
  6. Wait until installation finishes, and after that, press the Done button to exit the installer. The installation of the Uber Lite app is completed, now, let me help you get started with it.
  7. Open your App Drawer and click on the Uber lite.
  8. Click on Create account or login if you already have an Uber account. You don’t have to create an account for the lite version specifically; you can use your original Uber account on the lite app.
  9. After that, confirm your pickup spot and select your destination.
  10. Choose a vehicle type as per your budget.
  11. Confirm your ride. Once you request a ride, you will be able to see helpful information about the driver and car status. You will also receive an email from Uber.
  12. To pay the driver, you can either pay through the Uber lite payment options or through cash.
  13. That’s it.

Uber Lite is much better than the original version because it loads fast, consumes less storage space, and works even when the Internet connection is low.

Can You Use Uber Lite App Anywhere in the World?

If the Uber service is available in an area or place and you see them on roads, then it simply means that you can use the Lite app to book a ride from them. The Uber Lite app has no special terms & conditions or specific location availability. You can use it anywhere in the world if the Uber service is available there. The only reason behind making this lite app is to provide Uber users a hassle-free way to quickly book a ride even when the Internet connectivity is spotty.

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Uber Lite


Uber Lite App has made things really simple and now anyone can book a ride on the way -quickly – without struggling because of low Internet connection. The app size is super lite and consumes very little space even after installation. To provide the best possible performance, all the extra elements have been removed and you will only find features that are prominent. Lite apps are going to attract users because of many benefits. It not only provides the best performance but also deliver less load to Android by using fewer resources.

And most importantly, lite apps like Uber Lite don’t eat battery fast which means, you can use it without caring much about battery consumption. Overall, the app is well optimized and we do recommend to use it instead of the original Uber app.

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