Ubisoft Far Cry
Ubisoft Far Cry

Yesterday a lot of strange and curious Reddit information came to the Internet about a Far Cry game that apparently will hit the market for free.

Far Cry: Frenzy – Ubisoft’s bet on the ‘free’ market is about to arrive!

Therefore, according to information shared in the leak, the game Far Cry: Frenzy should have been released in August. However, the date was eventually postponed due to the many bugs that plagued the title.


So Ubisoft is now planning a new release date… November! To conquer the market before Christmas, with maps capable of holding up to 12 players at once. Also bringing an editor, so the community can create their own maps and challenges. (The whole package will be 27GB in size)

There is no marketing campaign around this game… Which means Ubisoft will pay several streamers to give your new game an initial boost. Which turns out to be a little weird after the success of Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn. Especially when Ubisoft itself remains silent!

When this ‘free’ Far Cry game really hits the market, we’ll have many questions waiting for an answer! Will we have a ‘Beta Test’ phase? Is it a multiplayer-only game? How will community-created maps work? It will be a kind of CS 1.6?

In short, we will have to wait to learn more about all this. But in a world where Fortnite, League of Legends and Apex Legends reign as free games. It makes some sense that Ubisoft also wanted a piece of this cake.

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