Ubisoft Will Now Use 'Silent Key Activation' To Get Control Over Activation Keys Being Pirated

In today's world, Piracy has reached its peak. The whole world is suffering from this. The video gaming company Ubisoft is also one of its victims. It is a very popular gaming company.

Games like Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Just Dance, Prince Of Persia, Tom Clancy's, Ramayan and Raving Rabbids has been published by Ubisoft till now. Ubisoft is the fourth-largest video gaming company in America and Europe in terms of market capitalization and revenue.

Ubisoft normally provides Serial or Activation Keys who buy any game from it. But the company want to finish this method of selling games via serial keys. It is happening because reselling of these bought keys taken place in the grey market. Gery market is a place where pirates sell serial keys at a very cheaper rate.

And most of the keys are bought from stolen credit cards. The publishers are getting the most affected by this. Their shares are being directly wiped out by this grey market. The company is trying to find an alternate method to stop this piracy.

What is Serial Key Activation?

Ubisoft is looking forward to starting a new method of game activation and the process name is "Silent Key Activation". After implementing this method, whenever any user buys a new Ubisoft's game, he will be asked to use his uPlay account.

And on the complete purchase of the game, the subscription of his uPlay account be automatically activated by the company. This method will also be adopted by other companies who sell Ubisoft's games.

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Although it's not easy to do this as it looks. No matter what methods or ways get implemented in today's tech world, there's always a chance of finding or exploiting a loophole in these methods. Ubisoft has to be capable enough to tackle this.

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