Ukranian Employees Connected The Nuclear Plant To Internet For Mining Cryptocurrency


The demand for cryptocurrency is at its peak. People are trying various methods to get it. Mining is one of the most popular methods of getting cryptocurrency for oneself. But, the mining method requires heavy computing power. And a nuclear plant has all the required resources for mining cryptocurrency.

It has been found that the employees of Ukranian nuclear plant have connected some internal parts of its internal network to the internet for mining cryptocurrency. This incident took place at the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant during the month of July, this year.

The Ukranian authorities are investigating the matter as it has been considered as a potential security breach of state secrets due to the classification of the nuclear power plant as critical infrastructure. It might happen that the attacker has used the mining rigs as a pivot point to get access to the nuclear power plant's network to grab highly sensitive data like information related to the plant's physical defence and protection. Ukranian Secret Service (SBU) has taken the responsibility to investigate the matter.

This incident opened to the world when SBU raided the nuclear power plant on 10th July and found equipment and computers in the administration offices, which were specifically built for mining cryptocurrency.

The authorities have seized all the equipment and computer parts which were fitted in a metal case, video cards, and coolers. According to the court documents, there were 6 Raedon RX 470 GPU video cards in one metal case and the other had 5 such cards.

In addition to this, SBU also seized some equipment that looked like mining rings. According to the reports, several employees involved in this incident have been charged for doing this. However, no arrests have been made so far.

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