The vast majority of nowadays high-end mobile devices include fingerprint authentication system, which allows users to unlock their smartphones in a secure way. However, in most cases, it is not enough to just put the finger on the sensor, it is also necessary to switch on the device display, which drastically reduces the efficiency of this mechanism.

UMi Iron Pro Unlock jgi UMi, in their quest to be one of China’s leading brands on today’s market, has decided to remodel one of its most successful models, the UMi Iron. This has led to a new device: The UMi Iron Pro, which introduces reference technology to allow users to identify themselves even when the display is off, greatly simplifying the process of unlocking the terminal.

UMi Iron Pro FGPS jgi

Never miss a memorable shot again

On many occasions, we see a scene we would like to capture, however, it is likely that by the time we manage to turn the screen on and unlock the terminal, that wonderful scene has vanished. However, the UMi Iron Pro can be unlocked in a single step, taking less than a second, which, together with its Sony IMX214 13-megapixel sensor, will allow us to photograph memorable moments.

Two-step fingerprint ID problem occurs even in high-end devices with prices exceeding $600, such as Apple iPhone 6. In this device, you must first turn on the screen and then proceed to the fingerprint authentication, which makes the user waste its time every time he needs to unlock its smartphone.

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The smartphone is nowadays an indispensable device in our daily lives; for this reason, common actions such as unlocking the device should be as efficient as possible.

This revolutionary technology is only present in a few models, such as Huawei Ascend Mate 7. However, this device costs around $400, a price that not all users can afford to pay.

Cutting-edge technology affordable for everyone

UMi has decided to make this technology affordable for everyone, including it in the UMi Iron Pro, a device with high-end features available at a mid-range price. Thus, the UMi Iron Pro not only has the most advanced fingerprint ID technology, but is an extremely powerful device, powered by an octa-core MediaTek MTK 6753 processor, 3 GB RAM and a Full HD screen, making it an excellent device in every aspect.

However, one-step fingerprint ID is not the only innovation that UMi has decided to include in the UMi Iron Pro. This device also incorporates innovative features such as Type-C USB port, destined to become the new standard for mobile connectivity in the near future and which is already included in high-end devices like the One Plus 2.

Availability and giveaway

The UMi Iron Pro is now on presale at Banggood for a price of $159.99, and it will be available by the end of this month. Nevertheless, UMi is now offering one unit for free. In order to participate on the Iron Pro giveaway, it is required to register on UMi Community, a forum where users can find the latest news about UMi products, as well as receiving technical assistance and share their experiences with other users.

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UMi Iron Pro Contest jgi

Once we are registered on UMi Community, we will be able to access the following requirements in order to participate:

Additionally, once we have met the requirements, we will be able to share the giveaway link to our friends in order to win new ballots. Moreover, we can get new participations every day.

Umi Iron Pro giveaway ends on November 25th at 00:00 GMT +2. The winner will be announced the same day on Facebook, Twitter and Umi Community forum.



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