In mid-November, UMi announced a new device, the UMi Rome, which only costs $89. Despite its price, this device has some amazing features, such as USB Type-C connection, 64-bit Octa-Core processor, or 3 GB RAM.

Two weeks after starting the pre-sale period, more than 100,000 units have been sold through the most important online stores around the world such as Coolicool, MyEfox or AliExpress.


A device which will revolutionize the market

UMi Rome is offering high-end features at a budget price, in fact, as we can read on GizChina “For below $100 3GB RAM is currently unheard of, and an octacore 64bit processor is not common”. Nevertheless, this is not the only amazing feature offered by the UMi Rome, as it also incorporates a USB Type-C Connection. Another important detail about this phone, is that its screen uses AMOLED technology, which means that users will enjoy more intense colors, while battery saving will improve over traditional panels.



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