UMi Rome X Coming With the Best Camera for an entry-level Smartphone

Most of the entry-level phones typically incorporate low-quality sensors, which do not allow users to make decent photographs.

UMi Rome X

UMi Rome X is incorporate Sony IMX179 sensor

Currently, higher quality sensors are manufactured by Sony. An example of Sony manufactured sensor can be found on the UMi Rome X, which incorporates a Sony IMX179 8-megapixel sensor. This sensor is claimed to be the best among all the 8-megapixel sensors, both Sony and other brands.

Sony IMX179 is not only the best 8-megapixel sensor on today’s market, but also is the model used in well-known devices such as Google Nexus 5, Oppo R1, Huawei Honor 6 Plus or Nubia 9 mini, all of them with a much higher price than UMi Rome X

Here are some pictures taken with the Sony IMX179 sensor shown:

UMi Rome X cameta test 1 UMi Rome X cameta test 2As we can see in the pictures above, the Sony IMX179 is a high quality sensor that will allow users to take amazing photos with their UMi Rome X.

As already mentioned, Sony IMX179 is the best 8-megapixel sensor on the market, allowing users to capture memorable moments with superb image quality. As we have seen, we can usually find this sensor as part of mid-range devices, however, you could enjoy this high quality photo on the UMi Rome X camera, an entry-level device which will cost only $49.99.

Key Specs of UMi ROME X:

2.5D 5.5 inch LTPS 1280 x 720 HD Screen

MTK6580 Quad Core 1.3GHz

Android 5.1


Sony IMX 179 8.0MP( SW13.0MP ) with dual flashlight


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