UMi Super phot m njvjvcj
UMi Super phot m njvjvcj

In keeping with the leading brand, UMi super adopted the 4th generation 3D fingerprint sensor from  Microarray®,  well-done implement the touch ID on the rear of Super.

The primary function of the fingerprint scanning tech on  phones is convenience and secure access.

Base on advanced technique, UMi Super enhance both in the touch ID recognition speed and efficiency.

It takes about 10 seconds to register average and the speed as soon as 0.1S in lab tests. You’re then set up to unlock your phone with a finger or thumb. Functionally, it’s really fluently .

The human invention tool is not only practical, but also includes advanced aesthetic taste.

Super touch ID adopted the some processing program to the unibody,make sure the  integrity of the metal beauty.

On appearance design,,Vertical alignmented with a circular camera for follow the symmetry Aesthetics.

UMi Super presales is starting at May 23rd for $249.99. Untill then, you can now subscribe to get $70 coupon at $179.99. First come first serve.

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