UMi sued

Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications company with over 33,000 patents to its name, has mailed UMi a letter on 2G, 3G, 4G Standard Essential Patents agreement, resulting in an injunction forcing the Chinese phonemaker to stop selling devices at AMAZON UK while the case is resolved. The related item is UMi ZERO, IRON PRO, HAMMER S.

In recent years Ericsson has sued more than a few technology companies  and beyond

2010: D-Link (USA) Infringing a set of its 802.11 (b) SEPS

2012: Samsung (USA) patent infringements in the US

2013: Micromax (India) License agreements on SEPS on GSM, EDGE and 3G

2014: Intex (India) License agreements on GSM, EDGE, and UMTS/WCDMA

2014: Xiaomi (India) SEPS infringements

2015: UMi License agreement on 2G, 3G, 4G Standard Essential Patents

We will see how UMi’s respond in this case.


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