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If you’re unable to restore backup on iPhone X the sit back and relax and we will show you just how to fix the problem in this guide.

Some iPhone X users have been complaining of being unable to restore the backup they did on a previous iPhone on their new iPhone X. I know this is can very frustrating especially if you don’t know that exact cause of the problem. Well, it is usually from the iOS version of both iPhones; the one you used to perform the backup and the new iPhone X you’re trying to use to restore the said backup.

This problem doesn’t affect iPhone X users only. It also affects other iPhone users whenever they want to restore a backup. The cause of this problem, as I said is as a result of a different iOS version on both phones. Basically, if you perform a backup on an older iPhone running a newer iOS version, let’s say iOS 11.2 while your new iPhone X you’re trying to restore the backup on is running iOS 11.1 or lower then you will be unable to restore the backup. You will keep getting the backup is corrupt or is not a compatible error message.

How Do I Fix The Unable To Restore BackUp On iPhone X Problem?

From the problem, you might have already guessed the answer to that question. Yes, you will have to update your new iPhone X to the same version of iOS as your previous iPhone or higher in order to be able to restore the backup. I Guess the reason they do this is to prevent people from restoring backups on a device with an older iOS version which might have vulnerability issues and have been fixed in a new update.

Typically, newer updates are meant to correct any issues(e.g Vulnerability of your data, improve security etc) the older updates might have. So if you think about it, Apple is only trying to keep your backed up data as safe as possible by ensuring it gets restored on new and obviously better iOS version. Updating/Upgrading your new iPhone X to the new and latest iOS version shouldn’t be a problem as you can do that via iTunes in no time. This will undoubtedly fix the problem.

After updating your iPhone X, you can then go ahead and restore the backup which should go through without any hassle.

Still Unable To Restore BackUp On iPhone X?

If you’re still unable to restore the backup on your iPhone X then do let us know if by dropping a comment down below so as to know as to better assist you further.

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