SamsungGalaxyS10 14
SamsungGalaxyS10 14

The most awaited release of the year is here: the Galaxy S10, which succeeded the Galaxy S9. This is the Samsung device for the year, and it also brings some upgrades to the new look, hardware, and also the camera setup. The display is most likely the highlight of this device, getting rid of bezels almost completely. These upgrades are not free though – the upgrades come at an extra cost, a cost that not everyone can afford, and so, most will purchase this on a device payment plan or will even buy the device from a carrier with an incentive.

How to Be able to unlock your Galaxy S10

Step 1: Locate a Code Provider For Your device

Since we won’t be stressing ourselves and going through the carrier, we’ll need to hold on to unlock code from a trustworthy code provider. Well, we will be going with UnlockUnit for this tutorial – they’ve passed our process of selection, and have an excellent customer service team that is set to help you in case you encounter any issues. That said, we’ll be using UnlockUnit for this tutorial.

Step 2: Get the IMEID/IMEI of your Galaxy S10 Device

Now, to unlock your device, we’ll first need the IMEI of your Galaxy S10 device. This can be effortlessly found on your device. There is actually one way to be able to get it. It’s to open up your dialer, or mobile phone. Next, you’ll type in *#06# – the IMEI code will show up in a pop-up box immediately. You’ll want to jot that down somewhere safe.

The other way to get your IMEI number is to tap and open the Settings application and then head over to About Phone. There you will find the long string of characters showing up in a box that says IMEI.

Step 3: Get your code

In this step, you’ll need to purchase the code. Go over to UnlockUnit, choose the Galaxy S10 as your device model, and select the network your device is currently on. Then, type in the IMEI number in the IMEI box there, also type in your email address in the email address box. The email address is vital because this is where your code will be sent to.

Step 4: Make use of your new SIM card

Now, they must have sent your code to your email; you should be able to make use of the new SIM card. Switch off your Galaxy S10, and take out the current SIM card. Change it with the SIM card that you want to use

Step 5: Enter the Unlock code

Now you can Switch ON your device. Once it is switched ON, you should be able to see an option there that says you should Enter Your Network Unlock Code. This should be the code that was sent to your email address from the UnlockUnit. Type it in the box and then Click the Send or Enter button. And that’s all! Well done – your Galaxy S10 is now Opened and unlocked, and you can now access it for free.

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