Upcoming Infinix HOT 3 Smartphone From Infinix Mobility

Infinix Mobility started making great success starting from the likes of Infinix Hot to the Infinix Hot 2, and it is the turn of the Infinix Hot 3. Infinix Mobility shared a teasing photo of their upcoming Infinix Hot 3 on Facebook and Twitter yesterday which suggest that something great is coming this year from Infinix.

Infinix Hot 3 phone


The Infinix HOT series is the most popular series of Infinix Mobility. The very first version was a best seller in 2014, surpassing all the “big players” in terms of sales volume.

Last year, the No.1 online smartphone brand in Africa captured West African market with the release of Infinix HOT2 as ‘African’s first and only Android One smartphone’.

The upcoming Hot 3 is tagged “Selfie with soft flash makes life colorful”, which translates that the smartphone is designed for selfie lovers and should come with massive resolution front-facing snapper mainly for taking perfect selfies with the new lifestyle from Infinix Mobility

We are yet to get full specifications of the next Hot 3 smartphone. When full details are made available, we sure will share it with you guys.

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