Speculative Review of the Upcoming Infinix Zero 5 and Zero 5 Plus

Infinix Mobility released the flagship Infinix Zero 4 alongside the Infinix Zero 4 Plus sometimes last year. Judging by the specifications and features of the Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus, the verdict that they were nothing but amazing devices was made.

Infinix Zero 4

Now, information hovering around is that Infinix would release a flagship device this year. The device would be an upgrade to last year’s flagships​, the Infinix Zero 4 and Infinix Zero 4 Plus. The devices would be named the Infinix Zero 5 and Infinix Zero 5 Plus.

In that regard, TechLector brings you this article aimed at giving a taste and feel of what the Infinix Zero 5 and Zero 5 Plus may look like, things it would be made of amongst others.


The Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus both had similar and almost seamless metal body. On the Infinix Zero 5 and Zero 5 Plus, we expect nothing but a “heavenly” design.

We believe the front side of the Zero 5 and Zero 5 Plus will house a secondary selfie camera of 13MP (or more) with LED flash, proximity sensor and the secondary speaker.

The rear of the Zero 5 on the other hand could contain the primary camera of about 21MP and above. We also speculate ​that the Zero 5 or Zero 5 Plus or both could come with a Dual Camera setup. This is 2017. Infinix has got some serious spicing up to do.

The lock/power button and volume adjusters would be on the right-hand side as usual, and we believe the speaker grill could be at the left side of the device – just like what Samsung did with ​the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017). Of course, we also expect to see a fingerprint scanner on both the Infinix Zero 5 and Zero 5 Plus and also a USB type-C port.


Speaking of display, a Full HD display is expected on both devices, nothing less. And irrespective of the screen size Infinix decides to adopt for both the Zero 5 and Zero 5 Plus; we hope the latter’s display to be slightly bigger than the former’s by some few inches. A 5.5-inch Zero 5 and 6-inch Zero 5 Plus is our guess.

Irrespective, the devices’ screen should be protected by the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5. A high pixel strength/density of at least 450ppi and a resolution higher than that of the Infinix Zero 4 is expected.


The Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus launched with 64-bit MediaTek Octa-core processor and Helio X20 Deca-core processor respectively. It is only normal to expect and set an Helio X20 Deca-core processor as the minimum processor standard on the next flagships.

In furtherance, I believe 6GB of RAM isn’t too much to ask from Infinix. Remember what Innjoo did with the Innjoo Pro 2? They had 6GB of RAM put on the device. If Infinix can’t do this on the Zero 5, it could be understandable. However, it would be a slap on the company’s face if the Zero 5 Plus doesn’t launch with 6GB RAM.

Also, on the Zero 5 and Zero 5 Plus, I’m expecting a device where there would be a microSD card slot which I really wouldn’t use because the internal memory (ROM) would be enough to satisfy my storage needs. Infinix Mobility, a 64GB internal storage space is actualizable on both devices, innit?

Anyway, I’m of the belief  that no matter the RAM and ROM size on the Zero 5 and Zero 5 Plus as well as the processor, it would be a sin that really would take years (probably till there’s another better flagship) to forgive if the devices don’t launch with the latest Android v7.0 or v7.1.1 Nougat. Infinix, take note please.


I’m pretty sure most customers are also expectant of a better camera on the Zero 5 and Zero 5 Plus. Don’t get me wrong. Not like the cameras on the Infinix Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus were bad. In fact, they were amazing with high megapixel and the laser focus thing, but we just want more. A 21MP or 24MP with Dual LED flash is a string Infinix can pull.

Either way, my money’s own a dual camera setup on the rear, maybe on the Infinix Zero 5 Plus alone or on both, but there should be a dual camera setup.

Come to think of if, wouldn’t it be nice if Infinix dedicated one out of the Zero 5 and Zero 5 Plus to the selfie lovers; the Zero 5, maybe. Well, let’s see how it goes.


On both devices, nothing less than a 5,000mAh battery pack is expected. It’s the Zero “5” and “5” plus, remember? Also, we expect​ the devices to come with the latest Quick charge technology.


Infinix should blow us away with the Infinix Zero 5 and Infinix Zero 5 Plus. That isn’t too much​ to ask, is it?

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  1. Infinix zero 4 plus is out of stock in morocco , and they claimed that it will not hitting the stock , so i think the zero 5 is coming soon

  2. Possesseur d’un INFINIX ZERO 4, je suis dans l’expectative de la sortie du ZÉRO 5. Depuis quelques jours des informations circulent sur la sortie tantot du ZÉRO 5 tantôt le ZÉRO 4 EDGE. Je vous serai reconnaissant de bien vouloir me préciser lequel est programmé et la date de présentation.


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