Apple has an event coming up tomorrow where we will see the announcement of some new devices. Some of these devices include a New MacBook Air, New Airpods and two different sizes of a new iPad Pro. The iPad Pro have had it’s own fair share of leaks which mostly keeps pointing toward the removal of the home button as seen on the previous iPad Pro versions. This also means the removal of the fingerprint sensor as the home button doubled as the fingerprint sensor which leaves the Face ID as the only extra layer of security as seen in the iPhone X series.

The leak also shows that the iPad Pro will have rounded corners. The Power button is now placed at the top right corner while the volume buttons are on the right hand side (at the top). All the new details about the upcoming iPad Pro is in line with what we already know. However, i would still advice you to take this with a pinch of salt till the official announcement is made tomorrow. We will be here to update you of it’s full specifications as soon the device goes official. There is also gonna be a live stream online of the event which start by 10AM in Brooklyn, New York. Just in case you would like to tune in.


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