The iPhone battery on your screen is white by default, it does not matter if it is full or close to 3 percent. As you charge, it will turn green, but that is where it ends, color-wise. However, you might be staring at your device right now and your battery is yellow in color. This is not as a result of a recent software upgrade, and your mobile device is not broken.

The answer is not complicated: your smartphone is in Low Power Mode. This feature is present on your device to assist you to extend your battery life when you have to, by instantly changing a few of the functionalities on the device.

Need information on how to enable or disable it? Want to know the precise advantages of Low Power Mode? Keep reading to find out:

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The Low Battery Mode

Even if you can enable it when your battery is completely full, the Low Battery Mode is most comfortable when your battery is low on power (this is the reason for its automatic activation when your battery is 20 percent) and you are sure you will not be able to charge it anytime soon. Making use of your iPhone once in a while and enabling the Low Battery Mode are the best solutions when you want that extra 1 hour or 2.

Power It On

This feature can be enabled manually, and like several things related to Apple products, it is so simple to do. This is how to enable Low Battery Mode:

  1.  Head to Settings on your iPhone’s desktop.
  2. Head to the Battery.
  3. Activate “Low Power Mode” by moving the slider button to the right.
  4. Your battery will be yellow, meaning the Low Power Mode is activated.

How Can I Conserve And Preserve My Battery?

Apple phones and other devices are popular for their long battery lives. But, nothing will really last forever and your iOS device will begin to decrease as you use it. There are ways to be certain that your battery will not power down till you get home, and there are ways to extend your battery’s life.

Conserving Your Battery

There is no magical fix that will make your battery last longer that will not warrant you sacrificing something in return. Begin by disabling Bluetooth when it is not in use, even if you regularly use a wireless set. This feature uses up a lot of battery and is useless if it is just activated without you using it. Also, reduce your screen brightness, even if the Low Battery Mode is disabled. Lastly, enter your Settings to locate applications that might be draining the battery.

You can also purchase a power bank. These devices are not costly and they are not bigger than your phone. These portable batteries can be used on iOS or Android, so they are a brilliant investment to ensure your device is always charged.

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Preserving Your Battery

This one focuses on the general usage of your phone. For example, sound alerts tamper with your battery but allow to check your device regularly and unlock it which, in turn, actually increases the battery use. Disable them seamlessly with the switch on your device’s left side.

More importantly, stay away from playing mobile games. They waste a high percentage of your battery and will have a negative impact on your general battery life.

If you are not busy when you should be, ensure the Low Battery Mode is activated always. This is very key if you like checking your email, messages, and other notifications regularly. Also, do not expose to sunlight too much, because heat is a popular battery killer.

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