Use WhatsApp Status on Android
How to Use WhatsApp Status on Android

In the tech world as of now, WhatsApp is gaining a lot of attention due to its newly added and quite controversial “WhatsApp Status” feature. And I don’t think there’s anyone out there who is yet to hear about this Status thingy. C’mon, it’s WhatsApp. Over a billion people use it to send messages daily.

Today, we will be taking few minutes to shed beam more light of enlightenment on the usage of the WhatsApp Status feature on Android.


  1. To take and send a status, swipe to the “Status” section on the app. Just right beside the Chat section
  2. In the Status section, the screen is designed in a way where all your contacts’ Statuses will be displayed at the bottom. Each disappears after 24 hours.
  3. To add or create your pictorial or video status, tap the + icon or the “My Status” in the top of the screen
How to use WhatsApp Status on Android

4. A new screen where you can take a photo or video appears. You can then take a photo with a tap, or hold to take a video

How to use WhatsApp Status on Android

5. Once you’ve found something (a picture of you, your cat, or that crazy traffic scene you are stuck in) to set as your status, you can take the picture by tapping the circular button.

How to use WhatsApp Status on Android

6. You can shoot a video by Holding the button till you see a visual notification that recording has started. Notification could be in form of a “beep” sound too.

7. WhatsApp also gives you the option to add a caption, text, emojis, GIFs and more. You know, just to spice things up.

How to use WhatsApp Status on Android How to use WhatsApp Status on Android

8. When you’re done taking your pictures or recording video, you can further add “caption”

Add Caption to your Status

9. After captioning your status, hit the √ button to send your status to your contacts

10. You can see and view your status in the Status section as well. It appears at the top, before other contact statuses.
My Status

11. Click on “My Status” to view your status

My Status

12. You can view your contact’s statuses by simply clicking on them

WhatsApp Status

There you have it on WhatsApp status guys. Got any questions? Let’s have them in the comments section.

Ciao guys!

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