Vespa Elettrica - the first electric scooter from the Italian brand

Vespa, the most popular scooter brand in the world, finally revealed details of their upcoming electric scooter. Vespa Elettrica is coming in 2018.

Piaggio's parent company has been working on an electric Vespa for some time, but now they have decided to let us know about the upcoming electric scooter.

Vespa Elettrica will have a mileage of 100 kilometres when charged 4 hours via its special charger. The battery should last about 10 years until it is needed to replace it.

Authors report that after approximately 1000 hours of charging, its stamina will be reduced by 80%. It will be available in chrome-grey, although the Vespa is known for its versatile colours, the Elettrica promises up to 7 different colours with accessories and scooter decorations.

Vespa Elettrica should also have a Vespa Multimedia System along with a TFT display with a smartphone interface.

As for speed, it is likely to be the weakest engine with a maximum speed of 50 kilometres per hour.

In addition to Vespa Elettrica, we can also look forward to the hybrid version in the form of Vespa Elettrica X, which should be twice as big as the pure-electric version.

The only question left unanswered is the price and exact date of issue. But what we know is that Vespa will start selling in 2018, so we believe we will not wait too long.

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