iflex concept
iflex concept

Apple’s entry into the world of folding smartphones is now merely a possibility. However, nothing prevents people with a strong creative sense of creating their concept of what would be this type of product coming from the Cupertino company.

Credits should be given to Concepts Creator for the vide that supports this material. Thanks to their work we have what they themselves call iFlex, namely the Apple foldable iPhone.

The conclusions we draw from this video are several. Firstly, this presents itself as an inwardly folding device, just like the Galaxy Fold. It is, of course, the approach that further enhances the durability of the material, but the recent issues affecting Samsung’s model have resuscitated the concerns surrounding these devices.

Apple iFlex is the bet of Concepts Creator for the product of the American company

Once closed, this screen would have a diagonal of 5.3 inches. Already when open we would be facing a screen of 7.9 inches, which is the same as the iPad Mini. That is, if this concept materialized, the Cupertino company would be joining two of its products into one.

On the back of this hypothetical iFlex, we have four cameras in the style of the Huawei P30 Pro. That is, not only do we have a vertical layout, but also the incorporation of a time-of-flight lens for depth measurements. The front camera of this equipment would pop up, which would require the use of any kind of notch.

This is what those responsible for Concepts Creator idealized for what could be Apple’s foldable smartphone. At no time do these images represent actual material produced by the Cupertino company.

But Apple is, at least, equating a foldable smartphone

This is easily apparent from the various patents that the company has submitted to the competent authorities. One of these precisely targets a device that is able to fold your screen inwards, just like today’s concept.

Another interesting piece of evidence we can draw from Apple’s patents has to do with the resistance of the device’s screen. A theme that is now in vogue due to the problems affecting Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Indeed, Apple has envisioned a system in which the part of the screen that is folded can be locally heated to avoid damage. In this way, the material would remain more manageable and, consequently, more durable.

We’ll see if Apple will really go down this path and how it will be. We still have no clues to this, although many believe that this will not happen before the second half of 2020.

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