Do you use Apple Music to listen to your favorite songs on your Mac? Then it is simple to follow along with the lyrics of any track.

You can see song lyrics on your Mac in a couple of ways. It can be done from the main iTunes window, or from the iTunes mini player.

See below for the steps for both ways to view song lyrics in Apple Music on your Mac:

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How Can I View Lyrics From The Full iTunes Window?

If you are not using the iTunes mini-player, you can see a song’s lyrics by adhering to these instructions:

  1. Tap “Menu” at the top of the iTunes interface.
  2. From the drop-down menu, tap “Lyrics.”
  3. The lyrics of the music you are jamming to will be shown in the drop-down menu interface.

How Can I View Lyrics From The iTunes Mini Player?

If you use the iTunes mini-player, then there is a different way to see song lyrics as you jam your music. Adhere to the instructions below:

  1. Tap “Menu” at the bottom right of the mini-player window.
  2. Immediately the window expands, tap “Lyrics.”
  3. The lyrics will now be shown within the expanded mini-player window.

You can view the lyrics of any music from Apple Music on your Mac and sing along to anything you are playing.

How To View Song Lyrics In iTunes?

With the music playing in iTunes, do what you see below:

  1. Tap on “1 2 3” list button in the header of iTunes.
  2. Now tap “Lyrics” to view the lyrics for the music playing.

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How To View Song Lyrics In iTunes Album Art View Mini Player?

When any music is playing on iTunes, adhere to these instructions to view the music lyrics:

  1. Hover over the mini-player album art in iTunes to view the several buttons.
  2. Tap on the small “1 2 3” button in the corner of the album art mini-player mode.
  3. Tap “Lyrics” to see the song lyrics.

You can also add or edit lyrics by right-tapping on any song in iTunes and selecting “More Info” and then heading to “Lyrics.”

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