VirtualXposed gives users the ability to use some of the modules of Xposed without root permissions.

Xposed is definitely one of the best-known names among modding fans and XDA forums. As is well known, however, Xposed requires root permissions to be able to modify the system, because it intervenes on app-process and ART runtime. For this reason, many people, although interested in the possibilities offered by the Xposed modules, have so far preferred to give it up. VirtualXposed comes into play here, an app created by the Junion Member of XDA weishu which, as anticipated, allows you to use some Xposed Modules without root.

The app in question causes all apps to run within VirtualApp and use Epic for “hook the process to Xposed“. Both libraries are open-source and are available on GitHub. VirtualXposed can be installed as a simple APK, without root, without having to flash anything.

If the topic is of interest to you and you want more information, you can consult the original thread on the XDA forum at this link.

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