Visionox 1
Visionox 1

Visionox is a Suzhou based Chinese company that produces screens and earlier today, it announced that it is ready to enter into mass production of its under-screen camera. The company also published a video that reveals the tech.

InV See is what the company is calling it and according to them, they had to employ new organic and inorganic film materials and make the main screen more transparent to be able to improve the transparency of the camera. With these new materials, the company not only managed to improved transparency but diffraction was also reduced.

According to the company, they built an “industry-first drive circuit and pixel structure design” that was capable of reducing interference to the minimum.

You should also be aware that hardware is only 50% of the technology. The software also plays a significant role in the creation of the tech. The company says the development of a special algorithm for the technology is in the works and it is working with manufacturers to this end. With this software algorithm, glare, brightness, and fogging effect will be taken care of better, and photos taken with the camera will appear great.

Visionox Under Display
Visionox Under Display

For now, we guess that the InV See can be implemented only on AMOLED screens. This means that LCD screens will have to make do with notches and punch-hole designs in the meantime.

Although Visionox says the InV See technology is ready for mass production, we do not know yet when it will be first commercially available on a smartphone. Half of the year hasn’t run out, so we just might get to see it in phones before the year ends.

So which smartphone company do you think will be the first to launch a smartphone featuring an in-display camera?

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