Vivax PRO 3
Vivax PRO 3

The third smartphone from the heavy duty company, the Vivax PRO 3, continues the excellent tradition of robust Vivax smartphones at favorable prices.

The first two models were very well received and highly sought after by the customers, and now the third generation has also come, which additionally raises the ladder of quality and usability in relation to already good models. These phones combine all of the classic “smartphone” features with improved durability and functionality, which is highly appreciated by all hard-working professionals, and must have a reliable connection with their colleagues, but is also very popular with people who are actively lifestyle whether they are adventurers, athletes or just spending a lot of time outdoors.

As with the predecessor, the PRO 3 has IP68 protection, which is a basic feature to make the smartphone fit into a group of heavy-duty devices. IP68 guarantees dust and dirt protection and water resistance where it can last up to half an hour at a depth of 1m. With Gorilla Glass, your screen is safe at falling and under difficult conditions of use, and only the body is reinforced and protected with a rubber edge for even greater resistance. The mobile comes in 2 colors, black, and orange as in previous models, which is inherent in extreme products from this line, but also in a more exclusive black and gray variant, so everyone can choose a personal favorite.

4.000 mAh battery. provides great autonomy and nature lovers do not have to worry about leaving the civilization over the weekend, but will still be connected to their loved ones and will always be able to capture the scene of intact nature. All this, of course, with 4G connectivity.

The screen is just like the predecessor of 5 inches in a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and is great to see in all the conditions that this smartphone uses. The operating system is upgraded to the previous model and is now Android 8.1. The quad-core processor has also improved and is now 1.5 GHz compared to 1.3 GHz in the previous model. Other specifications include 2GB of RAM / 16GB of internal memory with the ability to expand up to 128GB, while the predecessor is max. the possible extension was 32 GB.

In order to perpetuate scenes of untouched nature, an 8MP rear camera with built-in flash and a front of 2 MP are still being optimized in comparison to the previous model. Built-in GPS ensures that you always stay on the right track even if you are trying to determine the north with moss or star.

The new PRO 3 will have a recommended retail price of $ 1,099, which is why the “heavy duty” smartphone is at a very good price and you can buy it online. Vivax PRO 3 brings superior technology to the toughest conditions!

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