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A few years ago, here and there, smartphones with a more unusual design appeared. Nokia was one of the manufacturers that drove this difference the most and even launched really interesting equipment. I still remember going to an event where they presented a Nokia whose bottom is rotating and had an amazing sound! Now it seems that Vivo wants to take this concept from Nokia and launch a modern version of these devices.

Vivo wants to bring back a very innovative design from Nokia

For example, the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic had a rotating bottom that allowed the keyboard to be rotated backwards, so that we can use the controls dedicated to playback. We could also turn to the side so that we could point the camera towards an object we wanted to photograph while looking at the screen. Vivo’s new bet has all this and more!

Vivo Files Design Patent For A Smartphone Having Rotatable Display Module On The Bottom Side
Vivo Files Design Patent For A Smartphone Having Rotatable Display Module On The Bottom Side

First reported by Twitter user @the_tech_guy, the patent shows a smartphone with a full-screen design and a bottom that can be rotated 180 °. Based on the diagram, the smartphone appears to consist of two different screens – a larger part and a rotating bottom.

The diagrams show that the bottom screen can be used even when rotated backwards. In one of the images, we see a QWERTY keyboard on one panel and on the other space to draw. However, there are many more uses. One of the panels can be used to see what we are photographing when using the rear camera to take selfies.

The images also show that despite the rotation, this smartphone has a hole in the upper central part and also has three rear cameras arranged horizontally. There is no visible fingerprint reader, which means it probably has a sensor on the screen.

The patent does not confirm that this device will be available soon. However, it gives a good indication of what we should have soon.

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