VLC Media Player is Vulnerable To Remote Attacks VideoLAN Clarifies
VLC Media Player is Vulnerable To Remote Attacks VideoLAN Clarifies

Earlier, CERT-Bund reported that the VLC media player has a security flaw which can be misused by the hackers to get access to the victim’s system. In response, VideoLAN tweeted the VLC media player version 3.0.3 or the later one is safe and this vulnerability existed because of a third-party library called “libebml”. And this issue was fixed 16 months ago which existed in the older version of VLC media player.

vlc media player security flaw

VideoLAN also says that if you are using an older version of VLC then you need to simply update it to the latest version to fix the issue.

The original story

According to WinFuture, CERT-Bund which is a German-based agency has discovered a security flaw in VLC media player which has a base score of 9.8. The base score indicates that this vulnerability is a critical one. The hackers can take advantage of this vulnerability and run arbitrary code, create a denial of service and find out or manipulate files that too without their permission. In simple words, the hacker can install, run or modify the software on the affected system.

What about the fix?

The real truth is that VideoLAN has still not made a complete patch to fix this issue. And your PC will be vulnerable to remote attacks due to the security flaw till the complete patch is released. No reports have been received yet regarding an attack due to this vulnerability. WinFuture reports reflect that Windows, Linux and Unix versions of VLC media player are vulnerable and macOS version is safe.

VideoLAN is now aware of this issue and is working to build a patch to get over this. The company ha also informed that the patch is almost 60% complete.

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