Wacom Intuos Pro Small Tablet
Wacom Intuos Pro Small Tablet

The Wacom Intuos Pro series is now a new member. With the introduction of the Intous Pro Medium and Intous Pro Large graphics tablet models, the Wacom Intuos Pro Small is now available in all sizes.

Against the $ 380 Medium and the $ 500 Large, Small is a slightly more accessible tablet for graphic designers with a $ 250 price tag. On the other hand, of course, your work area is slightly more limited than other models. Wacom says the tablet offers a 16 x 10-centimeter working area like the original Pro Small.

Pro Small has features in common with large models out of size. While there are 8 keys in the big models, let’s underline that there are 6 keys in this model. In addition, all models come with the Pro Pen 2 in the box.

Capable of detecting 8,192 pressure levels, the Pro Pen 2 is 4 times more accurate than its successor. The 60 level inclination detection does not include a battery. Note that the Pro Pen 3D or Pro Pen Slim models are compatible with Intous Pro Small.

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