Maybe because of the particular nature of Nigerians who are in love with anything that is free, some have decided to key into this and have birthed LoyalBonus. I wouldn’t classify that as a problem to be addressed, but an opportunity to be taken and this tech founder have done exactly that.

LoyalBonus is an online shopping platform that offers a broad range of services and products, which comes with discounts referred to as loyalty bonuses to customers. Businesses, called Loyal Bonus merchant can also sign and add products, which are all sold at discount prices.

One crucial ting to note, and what could serve as their selling point is that these said discounts or loyalty bonuses are offered on a broad range of products and services, some of which includes hospitality, professional services, electronics, computers, groceries, fashion, home appliances and kid’s items.

LoyalBonus education products

So basically, LoyalBonus allows goods to be sold to customers at low prices, which could also mean they are a Jumia or Konga that sells at a reduced price. Now, this is a smoking gun for them to capture the Nigerian market.

A 5-man team launched the platform in October 2016; They include Yomi Alarape, Rufai Oseni, Kodynui, Museyil Godshit, and Olushola Alarape.

LoyalBonus cakes and bakes products

It is interesting to note that the platform operates only electronic payments, would deliver across Nigeria, boasts of 24/7 operations and timely delivery system, which is carried out as a result of a business relationship with DHL. This is further stressed by the founders who said that  “our payment platform is highly secured and we will only deal in non-cash payment for purchases made online on the platform. The payment platforms have been tested and ready for use.”

My thoughts on LoyalBonus?

Primary emphasis is being laid on how much Nigerians, even Africans love “awoof”. This platform has now decided to use that love against the likes of Jumia, Konga, Obeezi and other numerous e-commerce platforms that are dominating the current market, and as things seem now, it’s working.

A similar platform to this is The5kShop – where all products are sold below N5000 naira – and with the visible growths, it shows that this model is working.

So next time you want to shop online, you ought to try out LoyalBonus and see if you could get some discounts (i can see you smiling already). Awoof would kill you. Please do let us know your thoughts.


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