washing machine dryer
washing machine dryer

Is it convenient to buy a washer dryer? It is the question that many consumers often ask when they do not know what to buy: the risk is to face a considerable expense (the models on the market have an average price of 600 euros) for an appliance that does not convince or on the washing performance, nor of drying. And the sales figures also say it: in some countries, every year, around 2 million appliances are sold for washing and only 4% is made up of washer-dryers.

Better two separate appliances

Having available space at home, it would be better to opt for the purchase of a washing machine and a dryer. In fact, despite a greater initial outlay, around 1000 euros (360 euros for the purchase of the washing machine and 560 euros for the dryer), savings would be achieved in the long term, thanks to the better use of the two appliances, with a consequent reduction in consumption and to a longer life of the appliances. Having two devices would also save time in the case of more washes thanks to the simultaneous use of a dryer and a washing machine.

The only advantage: space

The only real pro of the washer-dryers, common to all the multi-function products, is the efficiency in terms of space. Not everyone, in fact, has the space in the home for two large household appliances, although in general there are kits for mounting them one on top of the other. Find the best washing machine that is right for you.

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