Many are convinced that to make a perfect wash with washing machine, it is enough to put the laundry in the basket, put some detergent in the tank and push a button. In fact, after choosing the right washing machine, washing t-shirts, towels or sheets is not that complicated. But some small steps can help you have a cleaner laundrysave energy and make less effort.

For a stain-proof laundry, read the tips

Here are some tips for a perfect wash:

  • Read the instructions: you will find all the details on the washing instructions (the type of fabric, temperature, duration). Use the details shown to make the most of your washing machine;
  • Read the clothes labels: to avoid ruining the clothes, it is better to follow the indications on the temperature and the type of washing. Here is an example that shows the most common symbols that you can find on the label of your clothes:
Washing Symbols
  • Detergent: do not overuse it, but follow the doses recommended by the manufacturers;
  • Select the appropriate washing program: cotton, wool, and silk can be cold washed. The excessive temperature may restrict or deform them. Jeans should be washed upside down at no more than 40 degrees (to prevent the color from dispersing in the wash);
  • Spread the laundry as soon as possible: leaving it in the washing machine too long can cause smells;
  • Before putting the garments in the washing machine, check all the pockets: you will avoid having small items such as paper handkerchiefs, coins, pens, sweets that can break it into the washing machine;
  • If you see thinclear strips on your clothes when you take them out of the washing machine, then there are residues left. The detergent did not dissolve completely during washing, perhaps because there was too much. In these cases it is enough to make a further rinse and spin;
  • Unroll the sleeves and close the zips and buckles: you will avoid any accumulation of detergent in the rolled-up parts of the clothes.

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