With the high amount of anticipation that has been shown for LG latest flagship device, the LG G7, a lot of users are calling it one of the best smartphones of 2018. However, most of the users who have already purchased this device have noticed that the device has certain issues concerning the battery life of the device. It is normal for a new flagship device to have the latest and best in terms of features and as a result, these may have a strain on the battery life of your device. The problem of the battery of the G7 draining quickly may be as a result of issues with third-party apps installed on the device. These apps may be malfunctioning or may have glitches in their software. In this guide, we will show you ways to fix the quick battery drain issue on the LG G7.

Disable or Manage Background Sync

Sometimes, apps keep running in the background of your device even when you are not using them. You should try disabling these apps. You can easily do this by going the Quick Settings and then swipe downwards and tap on Sync. You can also go to the Settings app, tap on Accounts and then disable sync for apps you do not need. When you disable Facebook background sync, you may notice that you now have extra battery life.

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Enable the LG G7 Power-Saving Mode

The power saving mode is a feature that comes with the LG G7. It comes with a lot of helpful features which can help solve the battery drain issue on your device. With these features, you have options to turn off background data and also limit the performance of the device. You can disable GPS, turn off the backlit keys and also lower the screen frame rate. You can either enable this mode manually or set your device to do it automatically once your battery gets to a certain percentage.

Disable LTE, Location, Bluetooth

If you leave your internet connection along with Bluetooth and location tracking turned on all the time, it may drain a lot of battery power from your device. You should try turning these features off whenever you are not using them. You can also place your phone on power saving mode if you need the location service turned on all the time.

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Disable Wi-Fi

If you leave the Wi-Fi of your device turned on the whole day, it may cause a strain on the battery life of your device. Whenever you do not need to be connected to the internet, or there are no available hotspots, you should try turning Wi-Fi off. If you have mobile data plans, you can turn internet connection off if you connect to the internet via your mobile data.

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Replace TouchWiz Launcher

The TouchWiz Launcher may always be running in the background of your device without you even knowing at all. This drains a lot of battery power and also takes up a large amount of memory space. For better performance and battery life, we would recommend that you use the Nova Launcher.

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Reduce Tethering

One great feature which our smartphones have is the ability to connect other devices to the internet. When you enable the hotspot feature on your device, it drains a huge amount of power. We would recommend you turn this feature off when it is not in use and also reduce the frequency at which you use it.

Reboot or Reset LG G7

You can also fix this issue by performing a factory reset on your LG G7. In this method, you will need to restore your LG G7 to factory defaults. This will help you fix all bugs and glitches on your device.


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