If you follow Waze very carefully then know that on September 15th, this excellent navigation platform will be entitled to many new features. So, looking at the agenda published on the official Waze website, CEO Noam Bardin will start the event, while shortly afterward, the responsible for the Waze communities, Hila Roth, will address the interaction between users that makes this app so special.

Waze is getting ready to receive features on September 15th!

In fact, Waze is powered by users around the world. It is thanks to this participation that it is easy to get the fastest route to a given location, avoiding traffic jams and other problems on the road.

One of the most important moments of the event will be the new features that come to Waze and Waze CarPool. The presentation is in charge of Nathanaelle Klein and Dafi Zaka, responsible for Waze product and who will show the new capabilities.

Although the Waze team tried to keep things secretive, there are a few things we already know. Right away we will have full support for CarPlay. A feature that Apple unlocked this year with the release of iOS version 13.4. Google Maps is also already updated with this function.

Erin Clift, the head of marketing, will also appear in the public to discuss the Waze partner ecosystem. This is according to the agenda.

However, there will also be clarification sessions to talk about news about the community.

Before the release of this version, Waze received a very interesting feature. In practice, it allows us to plan a trip on the Waze Live Map on the computer and later transfer that planning to the application, whether on Android or iOS.

The way to use this system is very simple.

First and when you are on your computer, access this link. Then click on Login on the right side.

Then the simplest way is to use the QR code that is generated by Waze in order to synchronize the computer with the smartphone. All you need is an app that reads this type of code on your Android or iOS mobile device.

With the generated link, the Waze app is executed. Then ask if you are signing in. Just confirm and receive the information that you are signed in to the web.

As soon as you log in and use the Live Map option, you will see an indication that the new feature we are talking about is available here. In practice, it is, as I mentioned, the possibility of programming a route, and everything starts with the directions. When you have programmed your route then just choose the option Save to App.

This will definitely come in handy. Planning routes is an excellent feature especially when we can do it comfortably on the computer, even with friends.

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