Wear OS will be updated with a new interface


Wear OS was officially introduced at the beginning of the year as the renewed operating system for Android watches. Although at the moment it has not finished taking off completely. Maybe Google's supposed first smartwatch will help. At the moment, Google already announces a new interface for the operating system. New design, with a simpler navigation.

Wear OS will be updated with a new interface

In the main menu, we already have a series of colorful icons, which make it easier to move in it. In addition, a series of gestures are introduced that allow us to navigate through different menus.

New interface in WearOS

In this way, if in Wear OS we slide from the top, we will go to the adjustments, which have also been modified with a new design faster and easier. If what we do is swipe from the bottom, notifications will open. In the event that it slides from the right side, Google Fit will open, where we can see a panel with information about our physical condition. Finally, if we slide from the left, Google Assistant will open.

Google Fit and Google Assistant are going to have a determining role in this new interface of Wear OS. So surely we see how they are going to incorporate functions for the two with the passage of time.

Google plans to release the update next month to watches. No concrete dates have been given, nor has it been mentioned which models will be the first ones. But throughout the month of September, a will be a reality.

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