What happens when Facebook and Messenger are uninstalled

Is anyone bothering you on Facebook or Messenger? Or have you finished browsing the Facebook feed endlessly? Whatever the reason, we want to uninstall the Facebook app from our phone, that's right. But before taking that step, we want to be sure of the consequences. Here's where we'll help you.

Will uninstalling the application only delete your friends or will you be removed from the groups? We will answer all these questions in this post and we will also tell you the repercussions of uninstalling the Facebook or Messenger app from your phone. Let's start right away with the Facebook app followed by Messenger.

The Facebook account will be deleted

Not at all. Uninstalling the Facebook app does not delete the Facebook account.

Can people still see your Facebook profile?

Yes. Uninstalling the Facebook app from Android or iPhone does not remove your Facebook profile. So people can still view your Facebook profile.

People can tag you

Yes. Again, because the profile is technically live, your friends can tag you.

What happens to old messages and photos on Facebook?

Anything. Facebook will not delete them. This is because those are stored in the cloud storage on your account and not on your phone. If you reinstall Facebook or access the website, you will see those photos. Only if you explicitly delete them from Facebook will they be removed.

What about the likes and comments

Your old likes and comments will remain as they are and people can still interact with likes and comments with your existing posts. But you won't be notified of these on your mobile.

Pages and groups will be deleted

No. Facebook will not delete any page or group you own. Likewise, it will not remove you from any group or page.

Can you still access other apps via Facebook?

Yes. If you use Facebook to access other apps and games like Candy Crush or other shopping apps, you can still do it. Previously, when you pressed the Login with Facebook button, you only had to authorize the app without entering Facebook details. But now, since there is no Facebook app, you will need to manually enter your Facebook login details to enter these apps.

You will lose your friend list

Do not worry! Your friend list will go nowhere by uninstalling the Facebook app. All your friends will continue to be your friends on Facebook. And you don't need to add them when you reinstall the app.

People can still send you friend requests

Yes. You will still be displayed in Facebook search results and people can add you to Facebook.

What happens to Facebook notifications

Since the app no ​​longer exists on your phone, you won't be bothered by notifications. However, you control Facebook from the website on your phone or desktop, all notifications will be displayed.

What happens to the multimedia content downloaded to the phone

We often download images or videos from Facebook. Uninstalling the Facebook app will not delete those files from your phone.

Can I use Facebook Messenger after uninstalling the Facebook app?

If you delete the Facebook app, you can still use Messenger on the same phone or on any other device. You don't even need to install the Facebook app to use Messenger. It works without the app and the Facebook account.

Now we will discover the side effects of uninstalling Facebook Messenger.

What happens to old messenger messages and photos

In case you are wondering, if they will be deleted or not, the answer is no. Nothing happens to your old messages or photos on Messenger. It can be accessed by reinstalling the Messenger app or by checking them on the desktop.

People can send you messages

Uninstalling the Messenger app does not make your profile invisible. You are available on Messenger and people can still send you messages. However, since the app is not installed on your phone, you will not be notified. But reinstalling or using the desktop version will make them available.

Can people see your last access?

If you uninstall Messenger,  people won't see your last login. But if you use Facebook or Messenger through the website, the last access will be visible (if enabled).

You will be removed from the Messenger groups

No. You will continue to be a member of the Messenger groups.

Will the downloaded images or videos be deleted?

Messenger does not automatically save media files on the phone. You have to press the Save button manually. When you uninstall the app, these files will not disappear from the phone.

Information on the delivery report

An empty gray circle with a check mark indicates that the message was sent but not delivered. The full circle indicates that the message has been delivered. And, when the profile picture appears next to the message, it means the person saw your message.

When you uninstall the Messenger app, people will see an empty gray circle with a checkmark inside only when they send you a message. This is because the message is not delivered to you. Even when you use Facebook, the symbol will not change. Only when you open the message thread on the Facebook website, the symbol changes to delivered and is eventually displayed.

If you delete the Facebook or Messenger app will your friends know about it?

Not exactly. Only if they are desperately persecuting you, will they become suspicious when the messages are not delivered or you are not active on Facebook? Even then, it is not easy to know the exact reason for such behavior. There could be many other reasons.

What happens if you delete the Facebook or Messenger app data?

Even if the uninstallation of the apps does not cause any damage,  deleting the app data on Android will delete the downloaded media files for the respective app and disconnect you from the apps. Disconnecting from the app is equivalent to uninstalling it.

Should you uninstall the app?

Lately, Facebook has not behaved well in terms of privacy. If you are trying to stay away from Facebook or Messenger and cancel the account seems like a wrong choice, uninstalling will help you. It has its benefits. First of all, nothing is eliminated and, secondly, you can have better control over your life.

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