What is Google My Activity and How to view, Control and Delete your Activities


Peoples sometimes say Google knows us better than our friends and family members. When you use the Google site (search engine), apps, and other services, most of your activities are saved on the Google database.

What is Google my activity?

Google my Activity is a central place to access and manage activities you’ve carried out like Google searches, videos you’ve watched, contents you downloaded, and websites you’ve visited. Also, when you use other Google services like YouTube and Chrome, your every activity will be saved as Data to your account.

How to view your Google Activity

  • Go to your Google Account
  • On the navigation panel on the left, click on “Data & personalization
  • On the “Activity and timeline” panel, click “My Activity
  • To view your activities, you can use the search bar and filter to search for specific activities or search through activities organized by time and day.

How to delete all your activities

  • At the top left navigation panel of your Google account, click on “Data & personalization”.
  • Under the “activity and timeline”, click My Activity.
  • Click More at the top left of the page and click “Delete activities by”.
  • Click the Down arrow and select “All time” and click “Delete”.

How to delete your activities automatically

  • On the navigation panel at the top-left of your Google Account, click “Data & Personalization”.
  • Under the “Activity control”, click on Web & App activities.
  • Next, you click on “Manage activity”, at the top-left, click on more and then keep activity for. Click the button for how long you want to keep your activity.
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How to stop saving your activity

  • Log on to your Google account, on the left navigation panel, click on “Data & personalization”.
  • Click on “Manage your activity” on the Activity control panel.
  • Turn off any activity you don’t want to save.

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