Network scanning is an activity that identifies network vulnerabilities and loopholes to protect your network from unusual behaviors and activities that can be harmful to your system, exposing your personal and confidential information.

Network Scanning identifies active hosts (clients and servers) on the network and their activities to attack a network. The scanning process includes identifying filtering systems between hosts on a network, running TCP and UDP network services and detects TCP Sequence number of the hosts. They are also commonly used by attackers to hack systems.

Top Network Scanning Tools

Below is a list of some of the best network scanners that can protect your system from attacks.


Wireshark is an open source tool which is also known as a multi-platform network protocol analyzer. It scans data vulnerabilities on a live network between an active client and the server. Users can view network traffic and follow the network stream. Wireshark runs on both Windows and Linux operating system.

Advanced IP Scanner

Just like the Wireshark scanner, it is a free and open source network scanning tool that works only on Windows operating system. It performs multiple activities such as remote wake-on- LAN, remote access, and shut down. It can also scan any device (including wireless device) on a network.


Acunetix is a fully automated network scanning tool that has the ability to detect and report over 50,000 network misconfiguration and vulnerability. It accesses the security of a router, firewalls, switches and load balancers; badly configured proxy servers, test weak passwords, DNS zone transfers, TLS/SSL ciphers, weak SNMP community strings, etc.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner

SoftPerfect network scanner is a scanning tool with advanced scanning features known as multi-thread IPv4/IPv6 Scanning. It provides information such as hostname and the MAC address that is connected to LAN network, information about local and external IP address, etc. it also helps to enhance network performance and identifies the working state of devices.


OpenSSH works by establishing secure and encrypted communication over an insecure network link between untrusted hosts, encrypt network traffic, and eliminates network issues like untrusted connection. It also accesses the internal network using single point access through SSH (secure shell).


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