Galaxy Buds e1550743322513
Galaxy Buds e1550743322513

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is already a reality, we finally saw how Samsung’s new bet for the high range is made during this first half of the year until the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is released. And the truth is that it didn’t disappoint at all.

The device or rather, its three versions, have been presented along with other gadgets, such as the new wireless headphones, Galaxy Buds, which see their role strengthened thanks to the new feature that allows the Galaxy S10 to perform the reverse charge.

You can charge your Galaxy Buds wirelessly by placing them on a Samsung Galaxy S10

The first thing you should know before explaining what reverse wireless charging is is that the new Samsung Galaxy Buds are AirPod style headphones that are charged by magnetic pins located in the case. In turn, this case has its own connector, as well

as support for wireless charging.

Well, the  Samsung Galaxy S10 has a protocol called PowerShare, which allows it to become a battery to charge other devices compatible with Qi wireless charging, a feature we’ve seen on the recent Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and which we find quite interesting.

To do this, just turn our Samsung Galaxy S10 or Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus from behind and place the device in question on it,

make sure it is compatible with Qi wireless charging.

And, with the compatibility of the Samsung Galaxy Buds with this type of charge, make sure that you always have the headphones with the charged battery, without having to necessarily carry a powerbank and a cable, a technology that will surely come in handy to get us out of trouble.

Moreover, the positive point of all this is that, if you have pre-ordered one of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 or Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus when it was launched, you should receive a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds as a gift, and considering the price that is around 149 euros, it’s a great idea if you are thinking of buying one of the company’s new devices.

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