What makes the Redmi Note 7 special

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is a model that tries to attract the attention of users with its features compared to its price. After the news that Xiaomi will increase its costs to a higher segment, Redmi's importance has increased considerably. We have compiled the details of the Redmi Note 7 model that can be found.

Specific work on endurance

The first point that makes Redmi Note 7 unique is the one that broke this prejudice. The front and back of the device are made of 0.8 mm thick Corning Gorilla Glass 5 glass. In order to prevent the phone from breaking, a special curve is applied to the corners. In this way, the resistance to fall is said to be four times more than other devices. Although there is no IP certificate, the silicon parts placed around the inlets and outlets are resistant to water and dust. Those who follow our news closely will remember the videos of the company's CEO, Redmi Note 7, and the walnut. As an example, you can view the video Xiaomi broadcasts on its channel below:

48 MP for Everyone

The slogan "48 MP for everyone" was frequently introduced when introducing Redmi Note 7. As you can tell from the slogan, the device comes with a 48 MP rear camera. This sensor with f / 1.8 aperture range is Samsung's ISOCELL GM1. With the 4-1 pixel combining technology, you can take a very clear picture at a size of 12 MP. Thanks to this technology, the low light performance of the camera is also quite good.

Price and other features

Other features of the Redmi Note 7 include a 6.3-inch Full HD + resolution display, Snapdragon 660 chipset, 4 GB RAM, back fingerprint sensor, face recognition, 4000 mAh battery and so on. In short, the price of the Redmi Note 7 at $170 may seem reasonable for many users. Even though it was a little lower price, the Xiaomi lovers could have preferred the device more.

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