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What to do when iPhone falls into water

What can you do if your iPhone falls into the water? The answer to this question will be with you in the continuation of our article…

Apple’s new iPhone models can, in principle, last 30 minutes under 1 meter of water. However, the phone’s resistance to water is not permanent and may decrease over time. Apple does not recommend that you deliberately immerse your iPhone in water.

Risk of corrosion of electronic components

The factor called corrosion affects the graphic connectors that surround the components. The longer the water remains in contact with the electronic components, the greater the damage. The iPhone is equipped with liquid contact indicators (LCI) seen from the outside of the device. When this indicator turns red, it means that the phone is damaged and needs to be repaired. If the indicator is gray, the moisture level inside the phone is acceptable.

Never use the phone when it is wet

The goal is to dry the phone as soon as possible. No matter how normal the phone looks, it doesn’t mean there is no damage inside the phone and you should avoid using the phone. The first step you can take is to switch off the phone by pressing and holding the power and volume buttons. Here are the steps you will take after this process:

  • If any liquid other than water has splashed onto the iPhone, flush the affected area with tap water;
  • Wipe the phone with a lint-free cloth (eg eyeglass cloth);
  • Open and remove the SIM cardholder;
  • Hold the phone in the uppermost areas and place it with the lightning connector facing down to remove as much water as possible.
  • Place iPhone in a drywell- ventilated area; direct a fan directly to the lightning connector.
  • Do not heat phone (eg hairdryer), because heat is harmful to electronic components.


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