Not so much 30 years ago, when there was a time when the letters were flying in the air, we are now in another country in seconds. What will 5G provide?

This technology, which we think will be stable in 3-4 years, which is still in the testing phase, is only available in homes or in any place you use without infrastructure, except for low latency, very fast data transfer and simultaneous communication with multiple sensors (internet of objects). It will offer. Since the internet will be provided to the modems directly from the stations, artık Infrastructure work ”and“ Unfortunately there is no infrastructure ”will end.

Not to mention the speed, I guess. GBs per second will be in a position to download. This will be a technology that can be used not only to download a file but to perform previously tried surgeries. With the Internet of Things, you can now order coffee from your mobile phone at home, for example, to make coffee in your coffee machine, and now your car will automatically start making coffee when you leave your office with a few simple settings.

What are the disadvantages?

Of course, every technology that comes with it also brings problems. For example, in the case of what we call the Internet of Things, people will be more easily hackable. How safe would it be if a hacker could control everything in your house?

At the same time, even if the signals they emit cause harm to people, a technology used all over the world can cause great harm to a person. Of course, people who have done this have thought about it, but there may be a way for them to minimize damage.

Although not a disadvantage, it used to be the case with data on the Internet when there were only 64KB disks or a few GB hard drives. Now for a while, the internet comes fast, but until then the data on the internet will grow in that dimension, in fact, we’re just making a better line for a better experience.

Most of the examples now are about downloading an HD movie in seconds. Do you think that in a few years, an HD movie will really only remain in that size of 500MB – 1GB or whatever or will TB be the lowest size of a movie?

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