ipad 805x535
ipad 805x535

Apple will host their special event on October 30th, with the leading device manufacturers expected to introduce new iPad along with updates to the Macbook. In line with this, some of the latest tablet-related info has been slashed, revealing what the new iPad will bring about.

The new iPad tablet is expected to offer designs with a non-framing screen such as the new iPhone, as well as likely to come up with little compositions like the previous iPhone 5.

At the same time, the new iPad is expected to use a USB-C-based charger at it – simultaneously bringing changes to the charging port on iOS devices, and streamlining its offerings along with the new Macbook. This step is also said to allow iPad to be used alongside the panel at 4K output.

With the new design, the iPad is expected to remove the Home button and replace it with the use of Face ID. It will be used for verification, as well as allowing the use of Animoji on iPad.

In terms of specifications, the new iPad is expected to use the variation of the Apple A12 Bionic processing chip, as well as expected to use its own custom Apple graphics chip.

As before, Apple is expected to introduce a new generation of Apple Pencil – after its first version launched in 2015.

Apple will hold their event on October 30th (October 31st local time), where besides the iPad, they are also expected to share briefly about their Macbook offerings.

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