google drive whatsapp
google drive whatsapp

The technological giant Google (a company that is part of the Alphabet matrix) announces an agreement that soon WhatsApp backup copies will stop counting in the cloud storage of users.

WhatsApp will leave more free space in Google Drive

More and more telecommunications companies are excluding, either natively, either as additional options in the rates of their data plans, the consumption from browsing through certain services, whether streaming video or Netflix, whether streaming music such as Spotify, or instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, allowing users to further stretch their data packages. Now Google joins this trend and does so by announcing that  WhatsApp backups in Google Drive will stop counting  “for the purposes of the storage quota” that users have available.

Through an email that the US company has begun to send to users, Google announces this good news for those who use Google Drive as a means to back up their smartphones:

Thanks to a new agreement between WhatsApp and Google, the WhatsApp backups will no longer count for the storage share in Google DriveHowever, WhatsApp backups that have not been updated for more than a year will be automatically removed from Google Drive.

The entry into force of this new measure will not be immediate. In this email, the company states that “will enter into force for all users on November 12, 2018. ” Despite this, it is deduced a gradual implementation because Google says that “it is possible that some may enjoy this advantage before said date”. To avoid the loss of your backups, it is recommended to make a manual backup of WhatsApp before the aforementioned date.

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