portada whatsapp mcontreras clipset
portada whatsapp mcontreras clipset

Whatsapp is a powerful and always updated app but it lacks some important functions. With the new updates, the situation will improve but it will not be possible to schedule the messages to be able to send them automatically at a set time. Obviously, we are here to get around this. We will be able to send a message to one or more contacts without even being on the phone.

How to schedule the sending of messages on Whatsapp

We have examined several apps that allow you to send automatic Whatsapp messages at a set time. Few of these worked properly and we found ourselves choosing between two interesting solutions.

The first app to create a message scheduling is called SKEDit. It was born to be immediately operational, but not only on Whatsapp. Allows you to schedule any activity for calls, SMS messages or post to Facebook. Also perfect for our purpose. From the Home, choose the green app and the type of contact you want (even more than one). Then choose the type of message and any attachments to add, such as: voice messages, photos, videos, locations and more. You can choose the time and it’s done. In order for everything to work, you need to disable the screen lock and save energy. By eliminating these two obstacles the system works, otherwise, it is a waste of time. The message will not be sent.

WhatsApp Scheduler is not found on Google Play but is accessed via APK from this link. Function in the same way as the previous one and only if the screen is unlocked and no power saving options are active.

Do you know other systems to send WhatsApp messages in time? Let us know in the comments.

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