Whatsapp pin chats

Finding conservations on Whatsapp could sometimes be an uphill task, especially when the conversation list is bombarded with chats from groups, family, and friends. Very important chats could just be lying in-between many random chats, so you are left with no option than to scroll through till you are able to find it, you copy?

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to get rid of this issue, at least to a certain level. The newly-introduced WhatsApp feature allows users to pin important conversations to the top of their conversations list. The feature is, however, exclusive to the WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 and WhatsApp beta 2.17.163 versions, at least for now. To enjoy this feature, hold on the desired chat and choose the Pin icon that comes alongside the Delete, Mute and Archive actions on the action bar.

Once pinned, the chat remains on top of your conversation list regardless of whatever happens. Even if you have chats that were sent after pinning the chat, it still remains on top, so its easier for you to reach out to it anytime.

That’s as good as it gets on this feature, but according to reports, it is only limited to 3 pinned chats. Once, you have 3 chats pinned, any further attempt to pin a chat will result in a notification that reads ‘You can only pin 3 chats’ being displayed. This is demonstrated below:Whatsapp pin chats limit

If you desire a change, you can always replace your pinned chats with others by first disabling the pinned chat, then going through the same hold-and-select option to pin your desired chat.

This feature is available only on the aforementioned beta versions of WhatsApp for now. We continue to wait till it becomes available on the stable versions of WhatsApp. However, to enjoy the pinned chats feature now, sign up for WhatsApp beta on Google Pay, or better still download the APK file from the internet.


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