In the latest update, a new feature for WhatsApp on Android “slide to reply” allows a quick and fast response to a specific message, here’s how it works.

After a long time, WhatsApp is finally starting to add one of the most desired features: it’s the Swipe to Reply function! We will show you how it works.

The functionality is the same implemented years ago on WhatsApp for iOS. It will allow you to quickly respond to a message using a simple gesture.

WhatsApp “Swipe to Reply” allows users to slide through a message to which you want to reply to the right side, which will directly open the message mentioned above the answer box.

This means that users no longer have to long-press a message and click on the reply icon to quote a specific message in a single or group chat.

Do not forget that you will have to download the latest version of WhatsApp to make this new feature work properly.


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