tiktok mobile
tiktok mobile

The social network WhatsApp is used practically all over the world, and as such, it is obviously one of the most popular chat apps ever. However, it seems that the old WhatsApp was finally defeated by another very well-known application, occupying at the moment the second place in the list of most ‘drawn’ apps.

TikTok was the application with the most Downloads in January! Is the course of things about to change?

After having overtaken Facebook in the list of applications with the most downloads, and having been in second place for some time. TikTok also surpassed WhatsApp during the month of January, having collected around 104 million downloads in the Play Store and App Store.

This is after some reports reveal that TikTok saw a 46% increase in downloads compared to last year. And an increase of 27% in relation to December, with Brazil, the USA, and India, some of the countries that contributed most to this success.

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That said, in a very curious way, despite the Downloads having had a very significant increase, the revenues ended up falling to 28.6 million in January. (Still, despite the decline, it was one of the company’s best months ever, when it comes to revenue.)


In short, this may in fact be the beginning of the TikTok domain! A social network that has more and more users, and that increasingly viralizes content on the Internet.

However, we can very easily say that WhatsApp still has something to say. And certainly, with the implementation of night mode and other great news on all platforms, it should attract even more users to your network.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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