Chat on whatsapp without coming online
Chat on whatsapp without coming online

WhatsApp has been working for some time on measures against the expansion of hoaxes in the app. One of the measures that will arrive shortly is to limit the number of times a message is forwarded. The app now introduces a measure in this regard. It is about showing the number of times a message is forwarded in the application. The first tests with this function are already underway.

WhatsApp will show how many times a message is forwarded

It has been seen in one of the betas of the app. Therefore, it is expected that it will be launched at some point in the next few months in an official manner.

New measure in WhatsApp

This measure will be introduced so that when you click on a message that you have sent in the app, you will be 

able to see the number of times it has been resent in WhatsApp. It is a piece of very useful information in the app. Especially if you want to see if someone has sent a part of your conversation to other people. Also to see if there are strings that expand in the app.

For now, we do not have dates for the introduction of it. We know that you are already testing this function in the app. So that is something that should come in a few months to it. Although the company itself has not said anything.

Although this function in WhatsApp will work only with messages that we send. We hope to know more about the introduction of it soon. Surely we will have more news about it.

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