For a few years now, after enjoying summer and beginning to suffer the dreaded “September cost”, many of us began to have an event in mind. Yes, I am talking about the biggest and most important shopping event of the year during which we can acquire that expensive caprice that we have been relegating for months “later” at a much more attractive price. Indeed, I’m talking about Black Friday 2018, but when is it celebrated exactly this year? What is the official date?

Black Friday 2018: official date

The so-called “Black Friday” takes place, as its name suggests, on a Friday at the end of November, however, every year it moves some day or some days in the calendar. The key is Thanksgiving a holiday that has no meaning for us, but that is deeply rooted in the United States. We have all seen them in American movies and television series, a day in which families gather to enjoy together the traditional turkey, and which is only comparable to the Christmas Eve.

The day of Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of each November, so this year 2018 will take place on Thursday 22 November. Black Friday is celebrated the day after this traditional celebration and, consequently, Black Friday 2018 will be next Friday, November 23. Now, beyond the United States, the celebration of this event requires certain nuances.

While Friday, November 23 itself is supposed to be the big day of Black Friday 2018, its export to the rest of the world has led to changes in its agenda. In most countries, it extends throughout the weekend, linking with Cyber Monday, a shopping event more focused on online shopping.

Write in your agenda, Friday November 23 is Black Friday DATE.

On the other hand, it is also common for Black Friday 2018 to start a few days before Friday, the 23rd, the previous Monday, and even before, reaching more than a week so we can choose thousands of offers in hundreds and hundreds of shops all around the world.

But the differences between the Black Friday celebrated in the United States and the one that takes place in other countries of the world, with special attention to the country from which I write to you, Nigeria, not only refer to its extension in time, but also, and perhaps more important, to the importance and value of the available discounts.

While in the United States usual to find really tempting offers (I remember discounts of up to $ 400 in the purchase of a MacBook, or $ 100 in the acquisition of an Apple Watch), in Nigeria here the offers are much smaller (and some are not even real; in the case of Jumia – they hike the prices of items and give false discount). In most cases, these are slight discounts that, perhaps, are not worth much if we have to make an economic effort to benefit from them. Some of these discounts have already been seen on numerous occasions, being nothing more than a mere repetition that will be repeated later.

In spite of this, it will be possible to find great opportunities during Black Friday 2018. And although Amazon usually becomes the main protagonist of this event, remember that practically all retailers already participate in it (Fnac, Apple, Carrefour, Worten, MediaMarkt, K-Tuin, Machinists, and even the greengrocer on the street, and no joke).

To not go crazy and spend more than you need unnecessarily, take a walk through the stores that interest you most, locate the products you want to buy, and have them “signed”. Thus, when Black Friday 2018 starts, it will be much easier for you to take advantage of the offer you were expecting.

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