We are all in the same boat, living something we had never lived before, dealing with a frightening Global epidemic, at the same time as we have to deal with the stupidity of others in a selfish and clueless society.

Having said all this, it is very likely that many of you have already asked yourself… When will this epidemic go down or just disappear?


Well, an epidemic ends in one of three ways:

1 – Everyone who can be infected by the disease is even infected. (Ex: Black Death in Europe, Spanish Flu)

2 – Government actions to find all patients capable of transmitting the disease, placing them in quarantine (forced or voluntary). (Ex: Wuhan with Coronavirus, or SARS in 2002)

3 – The transmission of the disease falls off in hot and/or dry weather, that is, in the summer (Ex: normal flu)

Having said all of that, we still have no idea whether or not the COVID-19 will lose any of its gas when we enter the hot/dry weather

So, for the moment, we can say that China is having some success in point number 2 above, having finally managed to gain some control of the situation. An example that is now being followed by some European countries. (Although it is probably too late, since we already have an uncontrolled outbreak across Europe and the United States)

So, if these measures do not work in the rest of the world, the worst case would be like the Spanish Flu, that is, COVID-19 can continue to spread throughout the year, showing some resistance to heat and dry weather, giving only some truces in the summer. Returning big at the end of the year, and finally reaching 2021 until it manages to infect the entire world population.

Fortunately, although this is not really the best scenario, for most people who are infected, we are only talking about a more or less normal flu (20% of those infected are in serious condition). However, it has a much higher mortality rate than the flu we are used to (2 ~ 3.4%).

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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