5G Phones
5G Phones

The Chinese market is undoubtedly one of the most important when it comes to selling Smartphones. So when 5G started hitting the shelves, this market soon began the phase of adopting the technology, with several manufacturers creating several 5G versions of their most popular smartphones.

That said, at the top of the list of best-selling 5G Smartphones we immediately find giants and big rivals; Samsung and Huawei. Where curiously the South Korean company has a small advantage over its Chinese rival, which makes it well-known as the brand of Smartphones with support for the 5G that most Smartphones have sold so far.

Samsung is the great leader when it comes to sales of 5G Smartphones… But how many Smartphones have you sold for sure?


So, statistically, it is complicated to know how many 5G Smartphones have been sold for sure by the various brands. However, according to data revealed by Strategy Analytics, in the first quarter of 2020 around 24 million 5G Smartphones were sold worldwide. Where only Samsung and Huawei represent no less than ~ 70% of that same estimate.

Thus, we have Samsung at the top of the list with 8.3 million 5G Smartphones sold, and right after that, Huawei with 8 million 5G Smartphones sold. In other words, truly monstrous numbers that reflect well what most people prefer.

In addition, the third, fourth, and fifth places are still occupied respectively by Vivo, with 2.9 million 5G Smartphones sold. By Xiaomi, with 2.5 million 5G Smartphones sold, and by Oppo, with 1.2 million 5G Smartphones sold.

In short, the 5G smartphone market is still at the beginning of its life cycle. And as such, we are absolutely sure that there will still be many twists and turns. In addition, the technology is constantly evolving and soon we will see new devices reaching the market capable of winning the hearts of many users … Whether they are from Huawei or Samsung.

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